Morocco Bans Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency Law

Morocco’s authority’s (Foreign Exchange Office and central bank) have announced that transactions made via cryptocurrencies will be banned.

bitcoin law
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are the current buzz words in Fintech with few people actually understanding what it is, how to use it and where to buy.

Several law firms have special teams that deal with cryptocurrencies. Some law firms have also developed legal and regulatory guide to cryptocurrencies.

The law relating to cryptocurrencies is complex and different countries have different relations. International law, international finance, digital, criminal, and public law may deal with different aspects buying, using and trading in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

The legal status of bitcoin varies substantially from country and it may have to been seen what regulators will do in the next few years. Some other countries have also made noises that they may issue a ban on bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Several law schools offering courses as part of their LLM program which give an introduction to the law relating to cryptocurrencies.

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