UK elections, Brexit – how can students plan to study law in the UK

study in UKCurrently students from the EU pay the same tuition fee as UK students. This is often called the home or local student tuition fee. In some cases this amounts to half the fee that international students pay. International or so called overseas students are considered to be non UK and non European Union.
Prospective students from the European Union who live already in the UK may find that they could still qualify for the lower tuition fee after Brexit. However students who apply from abroad may be discouraged from applying to UK universities, as they face uncertainty about the tuition fee as well as visa regulation that may come into effect after Brexit. At the time of writing the status of any EU national after Brexit is not certain.
Students who are interested in research could also keep their options open, as they may fear that international collaborations at UK universities may not receive the funding after Brexit.
LLM study after Brexit
Brexit may have a major impact on what kind of legal know-how is more relevant for a career in international law.
LLM in USA or UK
Law Firms in Continental Europe often hire lawyers with an LLM degree from an English speaking study location. With an uncertainty in studying for an LLM in the UK students may opt for an LLM in the USA instead.

What’s next for LLM study in the UK

Most universities do also not know what will happen and cannot plan for after Brexit.
Britain wants to reduce net immigration. Currently overseas students coming to the UK are included in immigration, emigration and net migration figures.

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