Legal Technology – Mastering and Using Legal Tech

Legal technology, legaltech is the future of law. Legal technology usually refers to the use of technology and software to support or provide legal services.

Legal Technology

There are many examples of legal technology that drive transformation in law. Case law search has moved from hard copy to digital systems on site or online. A number of free online and cloud services have sprung up as well. There is also a trend to deliver legal services online. This already has or will make legal services more competitive and cheaper. Top lawyers need to get an understanding what legal tech can do for them and how to use it. New recruits may also be made responsible to help to implement legal tech into the day to day operations of the law firm. The latest legal tech developments employ artificial intelligence and machine learning. Disruptive legal tech startups may use a blend of supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Many Legal Tech companies are startups. Several law schools have established Startup Hubs, legal tech startup incubators and accelerators.

Education and training in the field of legal tech may be essential in the future. Several law schools offer selected LLM and short courses that cover the area of legal technology from a variety of viewpoints. Particularly Law schools in the US and continental Europe, mainly in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Finland are focusing more and more on this exciting and important area.

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