European Law Schools and LLM Rankings 2018/19


LLM in London - LLM Directory What are the best Law School in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and other European country to study for an LLM?

Many top LLM programs provide an in interdisciplinary approach to law with an emphasis to current developments in law, science and technology.

A good LLM or other law master program  should also attract students from the home country and provide a good mix of international and local students. The UK has often been regarded as a top LLM study location, as it traditionally attracts students from around the world and is home to some of the best universities in the world.
Where do LLM graduates from European law schools work? You may wish to check, where LLM graduates from a particular law school work by looking at some of the prominent online social media sites. Look for their job roles, seniority and job type.

Technology is changing the world. Many legal professional jobs may be replaced by technology and new job opportunities will be created.

Legal Technology or Legaltech will become part of every law firm and will most likely change the way how lawyers will do their work. AI and machine learning are the at the forefront of legal tech reducing the time to prepare a legal case and contract. Some law firms have already embraced Legaltech as it will contribute significantly to perform due diligence, extract data from documents or reduce time to create new contracts.

Some top law schools offer LLM programs that include courses which give an insight in the future of the legal profession and prepare the future lawyer to embrace technology. The law profession is set to become more interdisciplinary in the years to come.

Popular careers in law include solicitor or attorney, barrister, judge lecturer or professor in law, in-house lawyer at a company or international organisation, legal expert at an international organisations or NGOs. New law careers are emerging and nowadays companies are employing legal councils.

Many top law firms, international organisations or private companies value candidates with an LLM or postgraduate law education. Many jobs in law also require some international experience, which can include a study abroad or work abroad period.

Although there are some Law School rankings published, the any published ranking of the top law schools did not change significantly over the years. Employers will always look out for degrees from accredited good reputable universities.