LLM in Property Law


LLM - Master of Laws - in Property Law

Property law is a field of study that focuses on the laws and regulations related to the ownership, use and transfer of commercial and personal real estate. An LLM (Master of Laws) in Property Law is a graduate degree program that delves deeper into the complexities of the subjects laws and regulations.

The LLM in Property Law is designed for students who have already completed a first degree in law and want to specialize in this area of law. The program is typically one or two years in length and covers a wide range of topics including property law, land use law, property transactions, property rights and property disputes.

The LLM in Property Law is also a great choice for students who are interested in interdisciplinary study. The program draws on a wide range of disciplines including economics, urban planning and real estate. This can be especially beneficial for students who are interested in the intersection of law and other fields.

Some of the most common careers for graduates of the LLM in Property Law include:

  • Real estate attorneys
  • Land use planners
  • Property rights activists
  • Government attorneys
  • Non-profit attorneys

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