Should you studying for an LLM now?


LLM Study during Covid-19

Should you study for an LLM during the Covis-19 pandemic when new job and business opportunities are not available.

Many universities offer a range of LLM degrees.

However campus life will have changed and some universities have decided to move courses online.

Interactions with other students may be very limited and potentially take place online only.


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LLM course fees are high and choosing the right LLM course is important.

The Master of Laws (LLM, LL.M.) is an advanced academic degree in law.
Students are usually required to hold a bachelor of law before starting their LLM study.
Originally LLM programs were offered primarity in the United States and the United Kingdom.

There are a wide range of LLM programs available worldwide. LLM study are often allowing students to focus on a particlar area of law. Some of most popular LLM programs include tax law, sometimes referred to as an MLT (Master of Laws in Taxation) and international law.
An LLM degree is offered either as a full-time, part-time, distance learning or online study. The majority of full-time LLM programs run over one year and part-time LLM degrees over 2 years.
A lawyer is not required to hold an LLM degree. However in several countries it can enhance a career in law by graduating with an LLM degree. Legal officers at international organisations hold advanced law degrees, such as an LLM.

LLM stands for Latin Legum Magister.

Many LLM programs in the UK are highly ranked.

Tuiton fees are usually high.