Study LLM, MLS law courses in Portugal


Study LLM, MLS law courses in Portugal

Portugal is a very popular study destination. Many international students have chosen Portugal for their bachelor, master or PhD studies.

LLM and MLS courses are offered at several universities in Portugal. Course language is either English or a combination between English and Portuguese.

Most LLM and MLS courses are conducted in person again and are taking place on Campus.

However some Law Schools offer online law courses.

Law Schools in Portugal are still accepting application for their next student in-take.  

Law schools in Portugal are offering courses that embrace new technology.  Working in law changes and will change significantly in the near future. The law profession has  become more interdisciplinary. Most law schools offer courses to equip students with the necessary skills.

Legaltech will become part of every law firm and will most likely change the way how lawyers will do their work. AI and machine learning are the at the forefront of legal tech reducing the time to prepare a legal case and contract. Some law firms have already embraced legaltech as it will contribute significantly to perform due diligence, extract data from documents or reduce time to create new contracts.

Some top law schools offer courses that give an insight in the future of the legal profession and prepare the future lawyer to embrace technology. The law profession may become more interdisciplinary in the years to come.

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