US Law Schools offer LL.M. in American Law for Foreign Lawyers


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LLM in American Law for Foreign Lawyers is offered by several law schools in the United States. Similar degrees or other names for an LLM in American Law are LLM in American legal system or LLM in US law for Foreign Lawyers. Law courses that are part of this specialised LLM program can include American constitutional law, civil litigation practice, banking law, contract law, criminal law, antitrust law and other specialised or related law courses. Some law school also offer asylum, refugee and immigration law with some soft subjects such as negotiating skills. Most LLM programs are modular and LLM students can choose from a large number of LLM electives. LLM in American Law is offered by some top US law schools. Full-time LLM programs in American Law are usually one year and part-time LLM programs in American Law are usually 2 years. Tuition fees for LLM in American Law do vary significantly. The entry requirements for an LLM in American Law are usually an undergraduate degree in law. Some law schools also accept an undergraduate degree with a high law content. Sometime students from certain countries and in particular from Latin American and the Caribbean may qualify for local tuition fees and even small grants. There is not really a best LLM in American Law or official ranking of LLM LL.M. in American Law for Foreign Lawyers, but many prospective LLM students may choose to select an LLM program from one of the oldest and most traditional law school. Graduates with an LLM in American Law may choose to work for an international law firm in Europe or or international organisation. Large corporates also hire LLM graduates with a specialisation in American Law. Top law firms in Continental Europe or USA recruit lawyers with an LLM qualifications. Some LLM graduates move into teaching or research positions at law schools or decide to pursue a PhD. Most law schools have a career centre that offers career advice and access to future employers.
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