Which country is best for an LLM Degree?


Which country is best for an LLM Degree?

You can study for an LLM degree in almost any country in the world.

The most prestigious law schools are located in the USA. Other countries with very reputable and popular law schools and LLM courses Include The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The world is still in a pandemic however more and more countries have been opening up to international travel. In the last two years many LLM programmes have mainly been conducted online. However in person an on campus teaching is slowly coming back.

The USA, and the United Kingdom have opened up. Australia has also opened up after being virtually closed to anybody for more than two years.

Asia has also several very reputable LL M programmes, however several countries in Asia are still closed to international visitors. Also although many law schools offer online llm programmes, many students prefer in person and on campus teaching.

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